Quattro Pro X8 inserting asterix rather than numbers

I'm new to the Community so I hope I'm asking my question in the proper place. I recently purchased WP X8 which includes Quattro Pro X8. My problem is it's inserting asterixs rather than numbers when I leave the cell. I've searching with no results for a way to correct this I'm bring my problem here to the Community in the hope someone else will  have an answer on how to correct this issue. However, after reading posts from other members it appears there are an unusual amount of issues with this release of WP. Since it's the only office software I've ever used this truly saddens me. Corel needs to get on the ball if they intend to keep its loyal customers, in my opinion.

I'd appreciate any help offered.

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  • One reason QP may put asterisks in a cell is because the cell is too small to fit the formatting. For example, if you try to put the date, formatted as "Sunday, March 5, 2017" in a small field, you will just see asterisks. Double-click on the column letter at the top of the column, and the column will expand to fit the data.

    In Settings (Tools | Settings | Application | General), you can choose "Fit-As-You-Go" and cells will expand if you insert something too large in the them. I usually leave this unchecked, so that I don't change the spreadsheet if I insert data in the wrong cell.

    Besides the Help file, a full-length PDF book comes with the software. It is under Help | Reference Center, User Guide.

    I have personally not found WP X8 to be buggy or have problems.