WordPerfect For Android

I see many requests for this porting. I have been using WP since 1993 - but with Windows 10 I have decided to abandon Microsoft as an operating system for the office. Android is the natural choice because of the massive user base. Linux does not cut it. Desktop Android is improving rapidly, and it is now good enough to go.

My entire office is now also accessible on my Android phone - except Word Perfect. I can edit web pages and client reports on the road.  I am now migrating my templates to LibreOffice, and soon will not need to return to WP.

This is not my preferred option. Instead of repetitive releases which confer almost no incremental benefit to established users, why can't some of this development time be allocated to an Android porting?

Do not believe that a new version announcement in the future is what is needed. MS is already good on Android. Announcing a catch up plan might be hard for the ego, but good for the users.

Will we see it? If so, when?