icon design for macros

The Corel programmers have removed a feature that existed for many years: when I create a macro and save it, I then would go to the taskbar and right click and then I'd SAVE THE MACRO and then an icon or 'button' would appear -- in the shape of an old-fashioned tape cassette. Then I would right click on that icon and choose 'customize'  to offer me the choice to "Edit" the icon.  My redesign would make clear what macro the icon would run. Now you can only "import". USELESS!

I would choose “Edit”. Then I’d choose the Macros tab.  Then click on Add Macro, which brings up the list of my macros.  I’d then choose the new macro I’d created and I would ‘save macro with full path’ and an icon would appear in the shape of an old fashioned tape cassette! (that’s so retro).  I would then right click on that icon and a box appeared giving me the choice to “Edit” the icon.  I’d go in and quickly create an icon that would help me immediately know what macro that icon would trigger.  After saving it, I had a quick and easy way to invoke that macro when needed with one click.
    But now, the Corel programmers have removed that excellent and useful feature, replacing it with the choice to “Import” which brings you to a sad list of alphabet icon designs.   So now, I have to go out to Photoshop or other similar program and create a tiny icon.  Frankly, this takes a lot of time I just don’t have.  I wish they’d wake up and restore that simple and elegant feature.

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