Merge issue using X6 WP - merge stops at table end

Using X6 for doc merge for a relatively simple 8 page merge. I created a 3 column table with merge commands that instruct if the cell is not blank print a label. There are six options and the template is intended to account for any scenario. The table works but the merge stop on the last line of the table without any entry (blank) with no means of continuing the merge. Eliminating the table with tab setting gives the same problem. Any suggestions?
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  • It is not clear to me what you are attempting.  Hard to see without seeing the data file.

    Here is something from the WP8 for XWindow system guide in my "stack of stuff:"

    In your Rights Taken cell, at end of Rights Taken, put a LABEL code from the Merge Codes.  Give it a name like Table_Loop.

    At the end of the content in the last table cell, put in a NEXTRECORD merge code followed by GO(Table_Loop).  (The same name as in the LABEL code.)

    Not sure what this will do, but give it a shot.  I would still advise posting this over at WPUniverse.  Probably in the Macros/Merges forum.

    Also, I discovered how to put attachments in these forums.  Choose Rich Formatting.  Then click the Insert/Edit Media button.  It takes it a bit to load, but then click the down arrow in From and choose Computer.