F-Keys on HP Laptop -- Windows 10

I have a new HP Envy Windows 10 laptop (I'm completely new to Windows 10). I installed my WordPerfect Office X8 program. After spending some time customizing my toolbars and favorite features (I really miss being able to edit toolbar icons inside WP), I began working. My problem is the F-Keys. I've been using WP since DOS Version 4.0, and I use the F-Keys a lot. But when I try to use F-2 for Search, my screen dims -- which appears to be from HP. But for all I know, it might be from Windows 10. Apparently, if I hold down the "fn" key (to the left of the spacebar) and press my F-key inside WordPerfect, it works. But that seems backwards to me. Does anyone know how I can make my F-keys work properly? Thanks in advance for the help.


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