Size of Icons on WP X8

I have a new Dell laptop with Windows 10 and a 15.6" screen.  Just installed my WP X8 onto my new laptop.  The icons on the toolbars across the top seem to be smaller than they were on my old HP laptop.  Same size screen size but better display resolution.  How can I make them bigger?  Thanks for any help!

  • Right click on the Toolbar and choose Settings, then the Options button. You can choose Large Icons. To me the large icons look kind of heavy, and should have been redrawn for the larger size. You see the immediate result in WP as you choose options. You could also try the Picture and Text option, which also makes the icons bigger and looks nicer than the large icons. You can make the same changes from the Tools menu, Settings, Customize, Toolbars tab, Options button.

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