Better Icons!

My wish for the next version is BETTER QUALITY ICONS! 16x16 toolbar icons look terrible if you make them larger at all. The designs of the toolbar icons of the last 2 versions could be a lot better as well. I would like them less cartoony looking.
Corel is the owner of CorelDraw. A graphics company SHOULD have he BEST icons in the biz. 16x16 in 2017 is just sad. When I load my own good quality icons, they look all fuzzy and crappy. The ability to ADD better quality icons should also be added.
As long as we're at it, bring back the Icon Editor.

. . . so what I want is:

1. Better quality icons for the toolbars
2. The ability to add better quality icons and have them look good
3. bring back the icon editor
4. the ability to change all background, and desktop colors
5. make the bold, italic, and underline icon at the same level. Minor but irritating.
6. NO TABS like in Micro$oft Office
7. a decent e-mail program made by Corel. Not Mozilla, an original program. M$ has Outlook. WordPerfect should have an alternative. Why did they abandon this idea?

I realize most of my ideas revolve around icons but they are something you use constantly and when they irritate you, it makes for a frustrating time using he program. I actually went back to using X6 because I find the icons less irritating.
The CorelDraw X6 icons are quite nice.