QP: searching whole document by default

Started with WP in '85 and have used it as my primary word processor.

I have been using MS excel for years because of work. Now wanting to again use QP for spreadsheets.

But: i can find no easy way to search all sheets.

It takes four extra clicks to get XL to search all sheets. But at least it is available.

And PLanMaker has a checkbox on the find dialog. 

I have a dim memory that QP 5 could be set to search all sheets by default.

I have QP 12, and X8.  Both are without reason as to selecting all tabs.

Has X9 been fixed to provide searching of whole document without hoop jumping?

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  • Here's an easy way to search multiple spreadsheets (pages) in a notebook. 

    Using Edit | Find and Replace (Ctrl + F), in the Cells area simply enter


    to search the first 26 pages (or A..D: to search the first 4 pages, etc.). 

    This is the first part of a "3D selection," such as A..D:A2..B5. But you only need the first part. 

    While I see no option to search the whole notebook, this is pretty simple. 


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