Adjusting footer setting in Quattro Pro X8

The spreed sheet in Quattro Pro X8 will not accept a change in the footer setting. Probably in a Windows update the date format is changed to #d and I like it to be #D. What to do? The general date setting is the long version.

  • I just tested this. I created a footer with #D. It worked fine. I then changed the footer to #d.  It didn't work, but preserved #D as the footer. Several repetitions resulted the same way. I then changed the footer to #f. That worked.  I then changed the footer to #d.  It worked then. I reversed the workaround and changed the footer back to #D.

    I therefore confirm this as a bug.  Probably, some line of code erroneously fails to distinguish upper- and lower-case letters when deciding whether the user made a change in the settings. Try the workaround I found and see if it helps.


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