I love word perfect, have been with it all the way back to 5.1. One of the reasons I have stayed loyal? Reveal codes, of course.

HOWEVER, one thing is really bugging me right now and I have asked help from WP which was no help. 1). only in Word Perfect, and not in any other program I print from, does it require me to go into "Page Setup" and then "edit" and then switch from Manual Feed to Tray 2. EVERY BLANKETY BLANK TIME!!! If I press print, properties, paper source (which will say manual feed EVERY TIME) without doing the above rigamarole my printer refuses to printer. I am absolutely convinced that this is WP and not the print because I print PDFs with no such acrobatics.

Windows 10 user, WP 18.


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  • From a tips page on my site:
    "WordPerfect does not use the tray specified in the printer [Properties] settings; if it did, it would lose its ability to mix any number of page size/types within a single document..." 
    See "Print a letterhead page from one printer tray and subsequent pages (or envelopes) from another tray or slot" here: -- particularly the section "Is your printer "stuck" on using the manual tray (or slot)? "

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