retrieve deleted document

How can I retrieve an erraneously deleted document?

  • If you have Saved no other files since the accident -

    If you use ScanDisk or an equivalent, it will report lost chains and offer to convert them to files. If you then choose Yes, you may find that most of the lost file is included in one. The main snag is that if you have not used ScanDisk for some time, you may get rather a lot of files.

    See here:


    Likely helpful programs:

    Recommended in the corel newsgroups:
    Free trial; full $69.95 (Nov '09)
    demo handles files <=64K; full version $54.99 (Nov '09)

    I have no reports from users on this one:

    If you run NTFS you may wish to check:
    > Despite the impressive testimonials on the vendors
    > web site I was somewhat skeptical so I fdisked away
    > a partition on my test machine. Sure enough, bang,
    > FS brought it back.
    With the trial version only 64KB or smaller files can be recovered.
    $49 (Nov '09)

    If you have a large budget, you can employ third party
    folk who specialise in file recovery.

    Of course, you now wish you had backed up your data.
    Be sure to do so in future.

    These 2 ideas may help:

    1) ensure write-caching is disabled - this post explains how:

    2) make very frequent backups
    regularly Save, changing the filename regularly -

    Barry MacDonnell's macro saves a WP file using sequential numbering: