WP 2020, Perfect Expert, Monthly Calendar, Settings Menu

Hi, in "Monthly Calendar" this seems to be buggy:
When I change the day to start the week with in the settings menu from Sunday to Monday, all days of the week (!) are changed to Monday.
This happens in WP 2020.
Any idea?
Best regards, Boy

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  • This is what I just found out about macro problems/issues:

    WIN10 Home Premium 20H21 on HDD:
    WP X3 works pefectly (enable macros, repair macro path yes). Yes, old – but last UI version in German so I must not translate calendar data (!).
    WP 2020 shows macro bug: in settings menu exchangin Sunday/Monday results in Mondays on all (!) seven days of the week.

    WIN 10 Pro 20H21 on SSD:
    WP X3 no check boxes, no settings menu; starts with openening calendar of 1997 (!).
    WP 2020 shows the same Sunday/Monday-bug.

    IMHO my conclusion is: It's a MS-WIN10-Update-issue (who wonders?!).

    Best regards, Boy

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