Quatro Pro X5 Date Format Question.

Under your "Numeric Format" tab, the selection of "DATE", brings up a list of possible Date setting choices.
These are:
Long Date Intl
Short Date Intl
None of these choices converts the date numbers of: +03-02-2011 into the US style of date: 03-02-2011. Instead, your formats Convert the date into a Numerical Calculation. I am not aware of any US conversions of dates that show the Date prior to the Month. I am used to Dates being shown as: MM (Numbers)-DD-YY, or MM (Numbers again)-DD-YYYY, or MMM (Letters)-DD-YY, or MMM (Letters again)-DD-YYYY.
I do not see any of your Date Choices that offer Month-Day-Year. Could you Please make a change that offers an AMERICAN Style of Date Text in your Spread Sheets?????
The Normal US Date Format should be: MM-DD-YY, or MM-DD-YYYY. It should already have been included in your Formatting Choices.
Is there an Up-Date to Add these types of Date Styles to the Format List? or know how to add it to the availbe Choices list?
I have already submitted this question to Corel, and they have referred me to this forum for assistance.