X8 "not responding"

I am using X8 in Windows 10. Just recently, I have been getting a Not Responding message every time I wake up the computer and return to my WP document. I have to close whatever documents are open and restart WP.

It may or may not be relevant, but I usually have two documents open in split screen mode (I'm a translator). Has anyone else encountered this problem? It only happens after the computer has to be woken up, but it doesn't affect any other applications, including Word.


  • I have had this problem with both X8 and X9.  It has become so annoying that I have done some investigation according to items on this and similar problem web-sites.   I have taken notice of the following:

    (1.) -- this happens with Win10 1903 and Win10 Insider Fast Track; the former is a full production system with many applications, the latter a clean system with the following apps added (a) X8 or X9 & (b) Input Director)

    (2) -- when X8 or X9 is running, then Input Director  "drops ready" on the shared Keyboard/Mouse/clipboard, although it is set to recheck & reconnect every 30 seconds; X8 / X9 unaffeccted

    (3) --the X8/X9 "not responding" has corresponded in an undue frequency with when the background  picture from a theme is replaced (set at 10, 20, 30, 60 minutes, say)

    I tried changing the interval for the changing of the background picture changes to every 25200.000 seconds (7 hours) [HKCU]Control Panel\Personalization\Desktop Slideshow\Interval.  Now the incidents of either (1) or (2) has dropped dramatically; and (3) has happened, but only when 7 hours go by!  An it has happened with the current document unmodified (since I now by habit manually save often).

    So here we have three apps that are using timer interrupts and there are apparently a resulting detrimental interaction.  If any of these were an application that I had written I should be looking at my timer event handling routine, and specifically for sloppy memory handling; the rules are very precise in memory management for such interrupt event handling; for example, ALL outstanding timer events must be cancelled before releasing storage.  But this is a job for MS and/or Corel programmers.

    2020-01-10 UPDATE

    After trying various other intervals, I set the theme on the screen to update once a day (i.e. every 24 hours): but I found that it did not do so at the same time every day, and sometimes more than once a day.  The incident of X8 (and X9) not responding coincided with theme picture change when it did happn ... but much less frequently.

    Then I removed the theme altogether about 5 weeks ago, and until yesterday I did not have a single occurrence of X9 not responding.  (I also update Input Director to 1.4.3 Build 128, in case that was related). So, there is a definite connection with the Theme logic, but looking at timer event coding I fail to see how this could happen, other than by inadvertently deleting the timer event logic from memory ...


  • Note addendum to my previous remarks of November 26.