Is my copy of WordPerfect7 a trial copy?

Hi there. My PC with Win 7 Professional came pre-installed with WP X7, QuatroPro X7, Presentations and Lightning. How can I tell that this is not some trial copy?

When I click on 'About' and click License, etc, it does not give me any clear info, just legalese that this copy is license for 1 copy on 1 PC. But will it need uninstalled after a month? Thanks for your help concerning this.

  • It would be nice if someone from Corel would weigh in here occasionally. From what you are saying, it sounds like a trial. Usually a paid version purchased with a PC will come with an OEM license. Sorry I can't be of more help.

    obtw, it's WordPerfectX7 aka 17.
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