Help on WP codes and values for an updated list

I have nearly finished work on an update of ?LeftCode and ?RightCode values by name. Much more than a listing, the table containing this work also provides information about how to access the codes (via the WP menu or via a macro), about the results of selecting the code, and about the code’s NTOC-value or corresponding macro token. Two other columns provide for the possibility of sorting codes by type. All this will soon make the table indispensable for writing macros. Of course, the values are in a column, and the codes could easily be sorted in numerical order. There are, in comparison with Jeppson’s table, about 160 new codes, not counting the 510 highlighting codes that Roy (Lemoto) has documented.

This work-in-progress has led me to open a thread on in the hope of users helping with any information about some unconfirmed or unexplained codes. I would appreciate any helpful input in response to this thred: