Can't Install WPX8

I am unable to install WPX8.  I purchased the X* upgrade. I was running X6 and using WIN 10. My CPU crashed and after fixing errors I lost X6.  I was able to find my X6 file, so I purchased X8. The tech told me that I needed to uninstall X6 before I load X8.  I did the uninstall through Control Panel like he said.  Then I tried to install X8.  Upon installation I get this message telling me the file I need is on a network that is unavailable. It gives me a location on my C: drive where X6 was located. I no longer have that file in my C:/program(x86) folder.  I deleted it. I cannot install, and the tech don't seem to be of much help.  I'm asking how to install and they are telling me how to do a manual uninstall of X8.

Does anyone know a work around. I started with X4, then upgraded to X5, then X6.  Did not go for X7.  Now I can't use WordPerfect because I lost my original X4 file. X6 was working until my WIN 10 OS went corrupt.

HELP:  I have Word but I have never perfected its use. I've been using WordPerfect for almost 40 years.

Looking for a work around; or, a WordPerfect tech to give me a hand. I guess I have used the chat so often it won't populate any more.