Sue1956 posted ??

To the group???  As frisbee says not to do.

In any case, Sue, it you are still watching this forum, you posted:

"I did a long document in word perfect 4. I did not save original and need to make some changes . I down loaded the word perfect 5 because I thought it would be easier then retyping the whole thing. I can get the scanned doc to word perfect 5 but can not figure out how to edit.  I must be missing a step. When I click the part I want to edit all I get is a 4 way arrow. Help."

It sounds like you scanned and pasted a graphic into WordPerfect.  Hopefully you are referring to WordPerfect versions X4 and X5.  If so, X5, so long as it is not a stripped down version, such as home and student, will import a scanned pdf of text and internally do an OCR (optical character recognition).  Then you will have editable text.  Let us know?