WPX8 always becomes unresponsive after being left idle

I purchased WPOX8 last year and found it generally very good.  But one annoying thing that always happens is that Wordperfect freezes up after being left idle for a while, requiring a close through the task manager where it shows up as "not responding".  I have never tested how long it takes, but I suspect it is after about half an hour.  I don't lose any work through this as I always save before walking away from the computer.  This consistently happens on three different PCs that all run Windows 10 64bit (two are enterprise and the other pro).  All three machines are set to never sleep and don't have screensavers set or monitor set to turn off after a period.  Has anyone else struck this issue and will be fixed with an update?  I have never struck this with previous versions of WP (last was WPOX6).

  • I have had this problem with WordPerfect going back, what, 20+ years? Maybe since WP was on floppy discs. I now am using WPx8 & it's guaranteed that the program will freeze on me several times during a project--I will have to close the program and then open it again. I've tried all the so-called fixes. Because I can say with a certainty that I have had this problem since the beginning of time--on many, many different computers---the problem must be WP's. I just don't understand why WP cannot fix the problem. I am writing this now because WP has frozen on me so many times tonight, I can't count & I'm mad as hell. I am one of the few people left who still uses WP. If I can figure out how to do a Table of Contents/Authorities in Word & some other similar functions--I'm on the verge of cutting the chord. But, I guess if we are dumb enough to keep buying a product despite years of known defect, I guess we're getting exactly what we deserve.
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