QP errs and sometimes crashes when using special characters

By pressing Ctrl+W, Quattro Pro follows WordPerfect in allowing a user access to a dialog box containing 14 or so different character sets, from which the user can select a "special character" to insert.  That dialog also appears by using Insert>Symbol on the QP menue.  In QP, however, unlike WP, the special character is not fully functional and sometimes crashes the program.This is more fully discussed at a thread on the WP Universe site, where a user wanted to add the degree symbol to numbers:


Functions and formulas will translate special characters like the degree symbol (and other special characters) into other characters.  An attempt to add the degree symbol in the custom numeric format dialog box completely crashed QP.

This is a bug. QP shouldn't crash when adding characters that QP purports to allow to be added.  QP should allow special characters to be used in macros, formulas, and functions as well.

Thanks for looking into this.