Default printer for WP envelope feature

After I enter the address in the To field of the Envelope option and click on Print Envelope, my HP multi-function printer prints the envelope on standard paper instead of the blank envelope that I have loaded in the special envelope tray on the printer.

Could someone please tell me how to force the printer to choose the envelope tray instead of the paper drawer, when printing an envelope. Otherwise, for standard printing of an ordinary document, the paper should continue to be fed from the appropriate paper drawer.

Thanks, spruce19b

  • It is probably somewhere in printer settings. Possibly in the printer properties > paper/quality > paper source and click the drop down arrow. At least that's where to go under my X7 under XP.  (On edit, to be more clear, this is from the WP Print dialog.  Select your printer and choose Properties.)

    Do a search (google) for " printer tray" with out the quotes. That'll find you some info as well.