Printer problems

Printer concerns.  I am using WP X8 on a dell laptop with Windows 10 installed. Everything worked fine until late last night.  Now nothing prints.  Have tried printing several different files to several different printers and still nothing.   I get an error message that says "can not run Printserver180.exe".  I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software but the problem persists.   Hopefully someone can HELP.

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  • Hopefully frisbee's sage advice will fix your problem. If not, search for "reset print engine" both here and with Google. You may want to include 'WordPerfect' in the Google search string. There are some Corel Knowledgebase articles about this.

    Also, uninstalling and reinstalling usually does not do much. Try a 'repair' instead. It is an option choice when you choose 'uninstall.'
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