Cursor location indicator

What happened to the cursor location indicator that was on the toolbar in earlier versions of WordPerfect? It tracked the movement of the cursor across the page, and took the form of a blinking dummy cursor that showed you the current horizontal location of the cursor. It made it easier to find the cursor in a mass of dense text. Does it still exist, and if so, how can I turn it on?

  • What "earlier versions"?   What version are you running?  What OS are you running?   Please provide more details when asking.  This will help you get better answers on a more timely basis.

    Perhaps you mean in the application bar that appears at the bottom of the display.   If it is not showing, click View -> Tools bars and select the application bar.   Once showing, you can right click it and click on settings.  Pick what you need from there.

  • Maybe you are referring to the shadow cursor, that appears in the document area when you choose:

    Tools | Settings | Display | Document tab | Shadow Cursor area | “Active in” and choose the radio button for “Both.”

    As tlnett mentions, the location of the cursor is shown in the Application Bar along the bottom of the screen, to the very right. 

    Also, if you click and drag on a margin (or drag on a tab stop at the top), you see a small yellow box that tells you the current margin location.

    Lastly, you can see the cursor very clearly in Reveal Codes, since it is bright red. (View | Reveal Codes or ALT + F3).