Quattro Pro chart x-axis text rotation

I hope the screen scrape above makes it with this message.

I just added a year to the chart, and can't figure out how to get the new year (2019) rotated like the rest.

The Help says "1. click a chart",  "2. select the text"

How do I select the text?

I tried clicking on the text and tried to hold the left mouse button down to drag a selection box around it. No luck.

- Steve

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  • I have had the same problem before and discussed it at WordPerfect Universe.  See X-axis-labels-won-t-keep-font-size-assigned

    It appears that when you initially set some property of the entire X-axis, QP stores those properties either for the particular axis labels or the same number of axis labels, but not for new axis labels that may appear on either side of the range. So when a new axis label appears (as by adding data for 2019 in your example), the new axis label has the default settings.  This is an inconvenience that Corel should fix.

    The solution at present involves using the Chart Editor, which changes the Property Bar, selecting the relevant part of the chart from the drop down menu, clicking the property button next to that menu, and making selections for all.  So here, the steps would be:

    1. Right-click the chart.

    2. Select "Edit Chart" on the popup menu.

    3. That changes the property bar. On the new drop-down menu for components of the chart, select "X - Axis Labels" in your case.

    4. Click the property selector button to the right of the drop-down menu.

    5. That brings up the dialog for settings for the selected component of the chart. Typically, it shows the correct setting if all labels have the same value, but it shows either a default value or a blank otherwise.  Make the desired changes here. In your case, changing the "Rotation" in the "Position" tab to 270 should work, though you may discover that fonts and other settings need to be changed too.

    6. Click OK. The settings should be applied to all of the X-Axis labels.

    To Corel: I would recommend fixing this problem by adding a checkbox to the chart dialogs (checked by default) that allows the user's chosen settings to apply to all labels in the range going forward, even if the labels do not yet exist, and re-programming QP accordingly.