Problem Saving Quattro Pro X8 document as pdf

I have Corel Office Suite X8 and Windows 10.  I saved my latest spreadsheet (it is only 35 Rows in length). Then, when I tried to save or 'publish' as a .pdf, it did not save correctly. When I opened it in .pdf form via Adobe Reader DC, it had saved it twice in same .pdf document.  Like it copies it twice within same document, one after the other.  I have never had this problem.  What happened?  How can I correct it?  Any help appreciated! 

  • I do not have this problem using X8 under Windows 7.   You say "I have never had this problem."  I take this to mean that you have successfully made pdf's without this problem in the past.  You could try resetting QP to it's factory defaults.   Hold the left shift key down while starting QP.  You will get a dialog informing that you will lose customisations.