Money problems

Windows 8.1. Quattro Pro X6. I'm working on one of several spreadsheets for my taxes.Each of these spreadsheets is effectively identical to the others, differing only in the number of columns after the column that Quattro Pro calls "G." And the macro(s) that collect and insert data are a single, basic macro (a supervisory skeleton) that calls other subsidiary macros, plus its subroutines, a few of which can be run as independent macros. The macros and the subroutines are the same (as in there's only one of each, and its used for each spreadsheet) for the data in column "A" through "G." I.e., everything is the same between the four relevant spreadsheets. Except for one glitch, they all work alike.

The master macro automagically moves to the top, left cell of the current spreadsheet, drops down a row, inserts and formats a new row, then proceeds to insert data either from variables I've already set (e.g., {ASSIGN vDUS, 0}), or from keyboard input (e.g., {PUTCELL2 vDUS}). The same macro does this on all the spreadsheets. They all get exactly the same treatment.

However, on one specific worksheet everything else seems to work well until I try to insert numeric amounts in cells along the new row that should display in dollar format. All new numerical data appears in the "General" format, requiring me to periodically go back to the affected cells and manually change their numeric format to "Currency." This is clearly a sub-optimal situation.

On all the other spreadsheets in this project, all the columns that concern dollar amounts are formatted to display numerical values as dollars, and this system has worked flawlessly except for this one glitch.

Over the past few weeks I've tried fiddling with every aspect of Quattro Pro that I can find out about, or think of, to no avail. My penultimate hope is that one of you can suggest a solution. My ultimate recourse is to add more code to individually set the selection properties for each currency cell as the data is entered. But this is a kludge solution that advertises my ineptitude!

So, where's the glitch?

1) Why do the exact same command lines that work on the other spreadsheets not work here? (This infers that there's something wrong with this spreadsheet, that it's somehow basically different than the others.) But where lies the difference, and how do I go about finding it?

2) When another row is inserted, from where are the cells' Selection Properties inherited? The row above or below (as in WordPerfect X6), or from someplace else? If someplace else, where? And, how do I edit them?

3) I've compared the configurations of the defective cells, rows, and columns with their identical twins on the other spreadsheets and can't see any differences. What could I have inadvertently messed up that would cause this problem?

4) Is there something, anything else other than the rows', columns', and individual cells' Selection Properties that would alter or suspend the normal properties inheritance? Is some other facet of Quattro Pro throwing a monkey wrench into the proverbial gears?

Any help you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

  • After you select your cells, but before you insert the data, add the statement:

    {Setproperty Numeric_Format;"Currency;2;United States;0"}

  • When a row of cells is inserted, it inherits formatting from the cells above.  So, on the "good" sheets, I would expect that the first row has the currency format, but on the troublesome sheet, the cells on the first row likely have general numeric format.  If that is the problem, then simply applying currency format to the top row should have the desired effect.

    If that doesn't solve the problem, I would next try copying the top row labels from a "good" sheet to the top row on the troublesome sheet.

    And if that doesn't work, there is a more difficult problem with this sheet that we might address in a follow-up.