How to copy something that looks like a date, but I don't want to be a date?

I have a QPW spreadsheet with 60 date-like strings (shown in sample as B6..B11)

Is there a way to copy them as strings to a new spreadsheet?

I believe the answer is no, but I ask because I don't want to imagine how foul my mood would be if I had to put a quote in every date-like field in a large spreadsheet, and even 60 is too many.

BTW, I tried using Paste Special... and de-selecting everything but "Label Cells" but that didn't help.

I tried using a macro to do it, but {PutCell b6,1}{D} enters it as a date. It also changed the cell format from Text to Date.

I ask because I wanted to put the spreadsheet in a new notebook, but all the not-exactly-dates became dates in 2019.

- Steve

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