Split a Cell in Quattro Pro X8

I have a Quattro Pro spreadsheet that I need to edit.  Periodically, I open & revise information on it.  But this particular time, I need to split one cell into two on one particular row? Basically, my spreadsheet is comprised of 15 columns across of equal width. I want to split Cell E4 (0.70" wide) into two cells that are each 0.35" wide - - But only on that row.  I have tried inserting rows before & after.  Tried 'joining' 2 cells (E4 & E5) and to then try to split into 4 cells. Nothing works. It is easy to do this in a table in WordPerfect.  But can't figure out how in Quattro Pro.  No matter what I try, I can't seem to get an option to do this anywhere.  Any help appreciated!

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  • I think that the concept would be to insert a new column F after column E. Then join cells in column E with cells in new column F, except for row 4.  Then set the width of columns E and F to .35 inches.


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