OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 Home
Version 10.0.17763 Build 17763 64bit

WP :

For a few editions of WP, Grammatik has blank sections in suggested new sentences and messages.

Unfortunately WP does not allow cut and paste from messages etc., so the examples below are hand copied. Quote marks are added.
It seems this program collapses multiple blank spaces. ! means where there is a problematic blank.
" !!!!!!!!!is not in the spelling dictionary."
... "Did you mean to use !!!!!!! instead of !!!!!!!?"
" !!!!!!!!! does not usually come after a form of !!!!!!!! . Try a form of !!!!!!!! instead."
"Check for a possessive error in the word !!!!!!!! ."
" !!!!!!!!! and !!!!!!!! are usually followed by the same structure or part of speech."
" !!!!!!!!! from harm"

This is an annoyance for me. But it makes it very difficult when I try to get others to use WP and Grammatik to check their writing.

Has anyone found a fix?