Windows 10 screws up WP X8 and X9

I just (unwillingly) installed Windows 10 3 days ago. As of today, every WP files I have on my system (and there are hundreds) opens with a 7" right margin and 4" bottom margin and huge fonts. Nothing I've done will change it. 

I was using WP X8. I installed x9 but nothing changed. 

  • I have no idea what could possibly have caused that..

    If you do not find a explanation and a cure:

    It is easy to write a macro that imposes your choice of margins and font size on a document.

    There is a macro available that can run any macro on all files in a folder. In this case, your margin and font choices would be imposed on all those files. You would need to be sure that all files to be processed do need those settings. Since it is always wise to run such macros on copies of documents, in case unexpected changes are made, many folk copy a bunch of files into some new folder and direct the macros there.

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