Converting QP notebooks to WP documents

Need to convert about 24 Quattro Pro notebooks (some w/only one page, others with 40-50 pages) to WordPerfect. Am using X8 version for both.

They are landscape notebooks. When I open WP and tell it to open any of the QP notebooks, it gives me the an "Import Data" function, recognizing it as a spreadsheet (data type) and a table (import as).  WP gives the correct file name and named ranges. When I tell it OK it gives me the conversion in progress.  Once done, the converted file opens in WP.

WP creates portrait documents. Looking in reveal codes, all the data is there. But I can’t get page setup to work to correct the pages to landscape (clicking page setup is ignored - no messages or anything). I’ve tried setting WP page setup to landscape and then doing the conversion, but WP changes it to portrait again.

How can I WP to do what I need????