Quattro Pro - Issues?

We have been WP users, no Fans, since the DOS days.  Love it.

But Quattro Pro???  Are we the only ones, or is this app unstable/unreliable or what?

I'm trying to start this thread with a) the belief that I'm not alone, and b) that with enough feedback, Corel might actually start paying attention.

If you've seen any of these issues -- or others -- please post a reply.

QP for us has so many issues, we don't know where to start --

- Context menu items with duplicate keyboard entries (I.E., Insert Cells and Paste Special (which in X4, they just ignore the Paste Special).

- Context menu items without a keyboard entry (QuickPaste -- perhaps more?)

- Crashes on mundane tasks such as cell entry changes or QuickPaste

- Incorrect/changed images -- Insert an image, save, close, re-open and the image isn't what was inserted (a random but not singular fault).

- Cells  with equations changing the cells (particularly named cells) they reference to.  Oddly, the equation result is correct, until one edits the cell.

These errors and faults are completely unacceptable.

If Corel wants to be considered a serious software supplier for business users, they had better make QuattroPro stable and reliable.  Otherwise, nobody in their right mind would use it.  Excel doesn't have these kinds of issues.

Sincerely, a frustrated but loyal WP Suite fan.

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