Disappearing Cursor

Disappearing Cursor

I’ve had lots of problems with WordPerfect X5 on a new Windows 7 computer. Many resolved; but not the following.

I have inserted graphics, such as a photo (jpg), in lots of documents. Of course in the normal composition of a document, a graphic will have to be resized or repositioned several times. Anytime I get into, open or move any such graphic, the cursor then disappears. Sometimes I can bring back the cursor by (i) several times opening and closing that graphic or (ii) hitting one of the keyboard Function keys, then closing the dialog that it brings up. There are no exceptions to this behavior; it happens all the time.

As a test to determine whether the disappearing cursor problem had something to do with a particular document, I loaded a document having several inserted graphics onto my old Windows XP / WordPerfect X3 computer. ---- No cursor problem at all; everything was fine.

Can anyone offer any help to this ongoing, and exasperating, problem?

Thank you,