WP on LInux

WP 4.3 was my killer app, back in 1988, and I have been a loyal WP user until X3, about five years ago. But then my Windows days were definitely over. So now I am going to ask the question again that many, many users asked before: when will WordPerfect finally become available for Linux?

I don't buy the classic answers, such as 'Corel does not support Linux' (that's an arbitrary statement, not an answer), or 'Customers don't ask for it' (we all know customers will not ask until you make them ask -- that's called marketing). Nor am I looking for the DIY WP8 way, ending up with an old version not fit for current Linux levels, or the dodgy ways of running WP on Wine.

I have read Jay Larock's long answer (http://officecommunity.com/forums/p/1151/3444.aspx#3444). It's clear and honest. But I feel it's too much tied to traditional commercial thinking: sum of investment minus revenue from sales totals profit. I can see that WP is never going to be out for Linux along that route.

What I want is: (1) a decent WP suite (text + spreadsheet + presentation) without frills, (2) straightforwardly installable on Linux (and why not on Mac or even Windows too), (3) preferably as an open-source community project like LibreOffice (see xavier's comment to Jay), or for any price up to GBP 75.

Why do I want it? Because I still believe WordPerfect is the superior word processor. It can continue to be my killer app, and many others'. I can find my way with OpenOffice.org, and it does the conversion between MS formats substantially better than my old X3. But WordPerfect makes formatting a text much more transparent and consistent. Okay, there's a wee wishlist for WP: better conversion, less clutter, open standards prominently supported, smooth printing on Linux, better TTF support on Linux. Well, that is just a healthy incentive for further development, I would say. Having WP for Linux again would also benefit the Linux community, which currently has only OpenOffice available. (Well, KOffice is there, but it's not great.)

Regarding spreadsheets and presentations: I am just a basic user of these, and think that the WP suite will serve me and most of its users just fine. When one needs heavy spreadsheeting, one should probably start looking for a real database application. And if plain presentations are not good enough, the next step would be video or prezis. Not essential for an office suite.

So: dear WordPerfect, when will I see you again -- on Linux? Please.