Address Book in WordPerfect X5 and older version 12 not recognized

(My original post from Jan 1, 2012 updated on Feb 3, 2012). 

Since installing the WordPerfect standard Office X5 a month ago, including the most recent patch (Help-About WordPerfect shows I have version    on my computer) and keeping the WP X5 in a separate directory from the prior version of WordPerfect standard Office version 12 that I upgraded from on my desktop, I cannot activate the "Address Book" feature in either the new X5 or the prior (on my computer) version 12 of standard WordPerfect.

  With X5 when I try to access the Address Book via the toolbar Tools-Address Book, X5 stalls and I have to press Ctrl-Alt-Del to close WordPerfect X5.  With X5 my computer stalls as well when I try to access Envelope via Format-Envelope.  Similarly, now since I've recently installed WordPerfect X5, when I try to access the Address Book in the prior WP version 12 (on my computer) via Tools-Address Book, there is no activation of the address book data in version 12, although version 12 doesn't stall (crash) when I try to access the address book or an envelope (address book) as it does (stalls) when I try with X5-- I just cannot access any data now in the Address Book of WordPerfect 12 since I installed X5 a month ago..  

  I'm using Windows XP service pack 3 a 32-bit edition.  

When I installed the WordPerfect Office X5 via the CD/DVD, I did not install the "Mozilla Thunderbird for WordPerfect Office."  I  already use Mozilla Thunderbird for email and Firefox for internet access, and I hadn't planned on syncing the address book of WordPerfect with the address book of Mozilla Thunderbird email.  Although, I will consider doing that task (syncing WP X5 address book with Mozilla Thunderbird address book) should that  be necessary in order to access the Address Book of WordPerfect X5 and version 12.

I appreciate any advice on what can I do to access the Address Book. 

I do have a back up copy that I made a while ago via the "export to" function of WordPerfect 12 address book since like many of you I keep a large number of addresses and value the data it holds and tasks it can perform.  Thank you.