Word Perfect X5 Problems -- Anyone else having the same issues -- HELP!

Am getting the following errors consistently using Windows 7 and WP x5:

(1) "Out of Disk Space" Error Message. While working on a document:

(a) When this message appears it usually is possible to continue working on the document.

(b) However, the same error message will reappear again and again.

(c) Eventually the document will freeze and another message to the effect of "Word Perfect has stopped responding" will appear and will force the shut down of the Word Perfect program.

(2) Document Corruption

(a) At this point, any future attempts to reopen or work within that same document are futile as the document is now corrupt.

(b) Sometimes it will be impossible to even open the document again and in other cases the document will reopen but immediately (or soon thereafter) shut down the Word Perfect.

(c) In addition, saving the document with a new name does not resolve the problem because the newly named document also contains the same corruption.

(3) This does not happen on every document but it hass been entirely impossible to anticipate when it will occur.

(4) Also, when a document is corrupted, many times there is no way to repair or salvage an electronic version.

(5) Consequences: This has created a serious crisis in word processing efforts as we have had to completely retype entire documents losing valuable time.