Error message with WP X5 "unable to lock/access memory" when printing

Hi all. My first post on this forum.

I teach mathematics at a high school, and for years I used WP 10 for my tests and assignments which contained drawings (diagrams) with text. I never had any problems with it on my laptop running XP with all the service packs. I was printing to a printer at school (a Xerox) and my home printer (a HP). Everything printed perfectly.

In 2006 I purchased a copy of WP X3 and installed it on both my laptop and my home computer running Vista 64-bit. Ran into problems right away. Whenever I tried to print a document containing a diagram with text, the doc looked perfect on my computer screen, but upon printing the text in the diagram was blown up to incredible proportions. You could see only a part of one large character (the font size I was using was 12) in the diagram. This happened on both my laptop printing to the Xerox printer, and to my desktop printing to the HP printer. I had to uninstall X3 from my laptop and reinstall WP 10. The problem went away.

A few weeks ago I bought WP X5, thinking the print problem had surely been solved by now, and installed it on both my computers. No way. When I tried to print a doc created with WP 10 or WP X3 the same enlarged text showed up in a diagram on both computers. When I tried to create a new document in X5 containing a diagram and text, I got an error message "Unable to lock/access memory" on both computers. I then tried to change the font size of the text in the diagram from 12 to a different number like 11 or 10, and now the text characters, when printed, show up all on top of each other. The computer screen doesn't show this.

Again, this same problem is happening on two different computers running two different operating systems and printing to two different printers. I've noticed some other users posting this same problem on other forums, without resolution. Corel support showed me how to restore WP to its factory defaults, which I did, but this never solved the problem on either computer.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I love my WordPerfect and wouldn't commit treason by switching to MS Word.



  • Suggest:
    Use Start|Settings|Printers to delete the printer/s, accepting any offer to delete files.

    In at least Win2K/XP you can ensure driver removal in the same Dialog through File|Server Properties.

    Then reinstall.

    Meanwhile, a check for later drivers and/or firmware might be useful.

    Doing this after installing WP sometimes seems useful, though I do not see why this should be so.

  • Like you, I am a firm believer in WordPerfect and have used it continually since version 4.2 (all the versions since then). I have the same problem you described, but only occasionally. When it occurs, I cannot publish to .pdf  I am running Windows7 (64 bit) on an Acer TravelMate and have done all of my maths diagrams without any problem until now. Did you get a solution to your problem? If so can you share it? I will keep investigating and see what I discover. I have managed to get the file published to pdf on another laptop which is running the identical software, but I now have to check if it will print it.  I did copy the file to MSword (I was desperate!) and it printed - but not as well as it would have done in WP XV.

  • I can't help with the "unable to lock/access memory" message, but I have found a solution to the problem of text in drawing being jumbled up and compressed into the space of one character when printed.  Double click on the drawing to open it for editing.  Type <Ctrl-A> to select all elements in the drawing.  The selected elements will be surrounded by an invisible rectangle which has gray squares at the corners.  All of those gray squares need to be visible and a bit away from the outer edges of the drawing box.  If you stretch the frame of the drawing box, you should be able to achieve this.  It's strange that sometimes text boxes that are not near the frame of the drawing box will get compressed when printed.

    I'm using WP X4.  I had the same problem and the same solution with WP 9.