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I'm Carl Childress, and I write a book called The BRD, which covers the differences in baseball rules among high school, college, and summer (pro) leagues. I have over 1000 targets, more than 1600 cross references (hyperlinks), hidden text and counters, etc. There is no question WP is the ONLY wordprocessor with the capability of creating this complex reference work.; The 30th edition comes out in November from amazon.com. It's been in WP since WP 5. (Before that, WordStar.) Never, never Word.

That said: In X6 two very convenient tricks no longer work. In X5 (without the service pack), when I clicked on the cross referencfe toolbar (Select Target), the click automatically selectred the text inside the box. That made it possible to easily enter a complete new target. Now, I have to scroll the text to select before I can Ctrl+V the new target text. Most irritating. (In X5, the service pack also didn't select automatically. I deleted and re-installed the program. To heck with the Service Pack. But now, it's built in.) As I said: MOST irritating.

But, even worse: I hide all hyperlink bookmarks from the \pinted version, but display them for what's known as the EBRD, which allows readers (and me) to navigate through the documeet. (400 pages, 200,000 words). In X5, when the hyperlinks are displayed and I scroll over the linke, the bookmark shows.  That makes it possible to known instantly that the link is live. Now, I go there, and the pointing finger just points, with no "tip" on display. That's going to cost me  about 100 hours of extra worki. Very, VERY IRRITATING.

Does anyone have a fix? a workaround? Is anybody at Corel listening?

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