Quattro Pro Crash on Save

My laptop system is a Dell Precision M4300 and MSOFT XP w latest SP and bug fixes all current.

I am running X5 for about 2 years.  My problem file has 5 separate files: 1 parent and 4 children, all linked.

The 4 children are data files with NETPVs, Durations, IRRs with results stuff taken from the same cash flow source stream sheet in the parent.

I built the 4 children in Sept 2012 and everything seemd OK except for an occasional load which may have been too much for the system to handle.  My system had been relatively "save" error free - but I have expereienced numerous "crash on save" events - but things had got stable whne learned to load Windows Task Manager since the main file is about 5 mg. I watch the monitor and CPU before moving on.  I am not running macros; I use lots of references to sheets and data.  I have made minimal "development" changes (a new chart or 2 among about 50-60 spread throughout about 10 sheets) again with no apparent issues.

My last "save" was May 5, 2013.  We loaded Bitdefender on or about May 24, 2013.

Recently, my system crashed on startup with "\$Mft" error which appears to be a file tracking system table.

Now, I cannot "Open", or "Open/Modify", and then "Save" or "Save As" any parent file which has the links supported by the 4 children.

I can "Save" big data files that have 5 mg with absolutely no problem. (No "Links").

I loaded SP 3 to see if it would "fix" the $Mft and we are planning to reinstall XP from scratch.

1)  Are "linked" files a known problem?

2)  Should I migrate back to QPro 11?

3)  Should I have a single laptop system just to run these QPro files?

4)  Is there ANY procedure or PROTOCOL for saving children first, then parent? (It did not seem to make a difference.)

5)  Any help here?

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