Cheapest price for X6

I'm a long time WP user since WPDOS5.1 and have been a beta tester for a few versions. I haven't updated since X3 because quite frankly the newer versions really didn't add anything as far as what I could put on paper. But now that newer versions of Windows are out, I need to upgrade. I was shocked that I can no longer get the academic version as a non-profit like I used to. Also one has to have at least X4 to get the upgrade price, even though I have every version from DOS5.1 to X3. Looks like the cheapest I can get away with is the $199 standard version. That's too much when OpenOffice is free. I can live with the frustrations of no reveal codes at that price.

Any help on where I can get X6 at a reasonable price? WP Is all I need, not the other stuff in the suite.