Looking for a good alternative to Corel WordPerfect Office 12 ?


Let me apologize if this has been covered already - did a bit of searching but couldn't find the answer I was looking for.

Many Eons ago we purchased a Dell PC with WordPerfect Productivity Pack - Included WordPerfect 12 (also included were trial versions Quattro Pro 12 & Presentations 12 - but were never activated).  Have been quite happy with WordPerfect over the many years & am now preparing for the eventual demise of Windows XP.

Would like to avoid purchasing MS Office.  Have been testing Apache OpenOffice.org & LibreOffice.  Apache does not appear to be compatible with WordPerfect, LibreOffice very nearly is - doesn't quite carry the fonts over.

So my question - Does Corel have a low cost alternative to WordPerfect 12 we will be able to install on our new Windows 7/8 PC that is compatible with WordPerfect 12?   Will be able to open all docs in their current format, carry over all the fonts, colors, spacing, etc.  Perhaps all Corel products are capable?