WordPerfect Address Book

How do I copy my WordPerfect address book from WP X3 on a WinXP computer into WP X5. on a Win7 computer.  I can't find the path or file name for the address book in either program.

  • The WP Address Book, in WP X3, is in the CCWin folder in My Documents.

    I assume - but can not confirm - that the WP X5 version would be in the same folder as CCWin has been used to store it through many versions.

    I have a lesson called, "File Locations in WP" on the WordPerfect webpage at my website http://DarryD.com .  ALL my lessons are free.  

  • Thank you!  THANK you!!  THANK YOU!!!  I renamed the WPX5 facotry installed addressbook subdirectory in the documents\mydocuments\CCWin as old, copied the Addressbook directory from CCWIN on my XP computer to the Win7 CCWin dfirectory an d now my addressbook is in WPX%  You're my hero.  Al;most 20 years worth of clients and contacts back to WP6 are in that address book and it was an incredible pain having to run to another room and look at the old computer whenever I'd need anaddress.