links to getting started with fillable PDFs in WP X8

have upgraded to WP X8. A feature that sounds like it might be useful is fill-able PDFs.

Are there links to help me learn how to
(a) create a fill-able form
(b) fill in a pile of such forms
(c) export the data that has been filled in in comma-separated or tab-separated or pipe-separated formats.

Any hints?
Has anybody tried this?

Is there a way to have "select one" e.g., 'What state do you live in?'
Is there a way to have "check all that apply" e.g., "what subjects did you take this semester?"

I do not see fill-able forms under <file> <new from project> or
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  • Here's a video tutorial on creating PDF Forms:

    For "fill in a pile", normally each person who receives the form fills it out once.

    For exporting the data, the users can either send back completed PDF forms, or you can add a submit button that allows them to send in a smaller file with just the answers. This file is readable in Acrobat Reader.

    A "Select One" can be a drop down list or a radio button.
    A "Check all that apply" is a series of check boxes.

    Fillable forms are under Insert, PDF Form Controls.

    Corel Support
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