Quattro Pro X7 - String functions keep bugging me

I have spend hours trying every function that I thought migt do the trick, but I failed. SO some help would be appreciated.

Here is my problem

The contents of a cell (D4) are 743D0BD5

What I need is to distribute this entry over 4 columns, 2 characters in each column.

Text Reformat does not get me that result, although I am following the instructions step by step

Using @MID, @LEFT and @RIGHT I am using instructions like this @LEFT(D4, 1, 2), which should give me (but that is a thought based upon what I remember from using BASIC) either the first and second or the second and third character of the string in D$. But all I get is 'not enough arguments'.

The HELP files have all kinds of examples, but all of those are built around finding a result, like a name or a date. Once I get this working I need to do the same thing with 500+ lines with random content, so programming Quattro line by line is undoable. I just need - in this case 4 results: 74 3D 0B and D5

@ISSTRING returns 1, which I understand means that the string in D4 is OK.

So if anyone could tell me ehat I am doing wrong, thank you in advance.