How do I get a font from WordPerfect into Presentations?

I am wanting to create a large, multi-panel poster, and there's a font I like in WordPerfect, but it's not in Presentations. The font is simply called Script, and it has a V by the name -- presumably indicating that it's a Vector-scalable font -- not the TT which would indicate it's a True Type font. I don't even know where I got this font in the first place, but it's the font I want to use. I have Suite X7 on a Windows 10 computer. Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks.

  • This Wikipedia article has a nice write up on Vector or Outline fonts. 

    I agree, that Script font looks nice: a lot like real handwriting without being too fancy. Unfortunately, it looks like it can't be used in many current programs. 
    Bradley Hand ITC looks kind of natural.
    Kaufmann BT is not too bad.

    Ron S.