Quattro Pro X7 "Stop Processing?" box

Been using Qpro for many years and X7 since it's release.  Yesterday I accidentally hit Scoll Lock and after I released it, every action in Qpro creates a "Stop Processing?" dialog box.  If I hit "no" enough times, my desired task will ultimately complete.  If I hit "yes" everything stops.  This is the case for old spreadsheets and brand new empty sheets.  If I create a new sheet, type "a" into cell A1 and then CTL-B to bold, it creates the Stop Processing box.  Hitting "no" twice will bold the "a".

I'm running Windows 7 64 bit.  When I use the same spreadsheets on my laptop (same Windows, same Qpro version), they function correctly so it's something in the QPro setup on this machine.  I went into Control Panel and did a repair on WPX7, but it had no effect.

I can't go on like this - Is there anything short of a complete removal and reinstall that will fix this?  I've seen this problem reported for other Qpro versions, but no clear solution was ever proposed.  

Any help greatly appreciated.