converting text dates to formula

Hi all.
I would like to convert a range of text dates in the format:  <Dec 10, 2018 > to the standard QPW formula date, which unformatted would be <43444>. Now, I could figure out how to write an equation using text parsing (I think), but is there some easy, automated way of making this conversion over a rather long range of cells?
Steve Berer

  • Oh: I'm using X9 on Windows 10.


  • Look at the @DateValue function.   See the formats accepted in help.  Use text parsing to get your date into this format.   It looks like either 10-Dec-2018 or 10-Dec-18 will work for your example.

    Or post your query over at where you are likely to get a more timely response and better advice than I can give.

  • Chapter 9 of my free book on QP formulas, functions, and macros deals with conversions between text and numbers, including an article on @DATEVALUE. It contains an article with a number of sample formulas entitled "How to convert text dates/times into numeric dates/times."  Several of the samples are close to your example.

    It would be great if Corel would expand the formats that @DATEVALUE can use. That would make this common task simpler.

    Construct a working function in a cell to the right of the first cell in your range of cells.  Then copy that function down (usually) in parallel to the entire range of date-text cells.

    The book is here: