Printing a document while display symbols is turned on

Is there a way to print a document and show the symbols when enabled on the print job? To show symbols you go to view and click Show symbol. I know this can be done in Word, but not sure about WordPerfect. Using version X6.  Thanks for any insight

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  • The paragraph symbols ¶ and a few other format symbols are displayed representations of the actual WordPerfect format codes that you see in the Reveal Codes window.

    You can print the current document to show these codes on the printout:
    File > Print > Advanced tab > "Print Reveal Codes"

    The output will naturally be longer than a normal printout. Try it by printing a single page to see it it fits your needs.

    Note: When you print codes in a document, the printed document does not contain any information other than the codes and the text. For example, graphics (shown in Reveal Codes as a [Box] code) and file information are not printed.