Printing a document while display symbols is turned on

Is there a way to print a document and show the symbols when enabled on the print job? To show symbols you go to view and click Show symbol. I know this can be done in Word, but not sure about WordPerfect. Using version X6.  Thanks for any insight

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  • There are a couple of things to bear in mind with this method:

    1. Adding an actual text character (¶) to the end of every line or paragraph can -- and probably will -- cause the document to be reformatted at various places where the that character causes the line to wrap at the right margin.

    As I said in my first post, using View>Show merely uses a symbol to display an on-screen representation of the end of individual lines and paragraphs, it does not add actual text characters at those locations. Think of it like the displayed page margin guidelines (View>Guidelines): they are not text characters and do not print.

    2. Not only hard returns can "end" a line or paragraph. Paragraph styles (such as WordPerfect Headings) do the same thing. But since they are actually paired format codes it will be trickier to add a paragraph character symbol (¶) at those locations since the find-and-replace macro method used with (single code) hard returns won't work.