Can I make a Macro to do this?

I have a number of questions down the page and want to do "insert line > custom" and then hit "set" to create a line that goes from point of insertion to  right margin. But each line is different length. Creating a macro with those commands gives me one that always starts at the same point as when creating macro. But I want one that will use the set point from wherever I start the macro. I'm in WP X7

Can this be done? If so, how?

  • Another way to do this with a macro is to underline tab spaces up to the margin:

    See the (free) Underline2Margin macro, downloadable on my site at

    "A macro that creates an underline from the current cursor position -- i.e., after the last text character on a line -- up to the right margin to "fill" the space with a line. It then (optionally) enters a hard return [HRt] and (optionally) returns the cursor to the starting point. This allows the line to automatically expand or contract if previous text on that same line is edited.
    It is useful (for example) to create a section divider that visually separates a description from following text. ..."

    The download file contains 2 other (related) macros. See also the tips on the download page.

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